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Obsession with the Lasting Power of Perfume: A Fragrant Pursuit of Longevity

Perfume, a delightful fusion of art and science, has captivated our senses for centuries. From the ancient civilizations of Egypt to the modern fragrance industry, the power of scent has played a significant role in human culture and personal expression. However, beyond the allure of its scents, there's one aspect that captivates many fragrance enthusiasts – the lasting power of a perfume.


The obsession with the lasting power of a perfume is a sentiment shared by countless individuals. We all want our chosen fragrances to accompany us throughout the day, leaving a lingering trail of olfactory pleasure. This desire for a long-lasting scent experience is driven by various factors and has given rise to a multi-billion-dollar industry dedicated to creating, marketing, and enhancing perfume longevity.


Factors Influencing Perfume Longevity:


Several elements contribute to how long a perfume lasts on your skin. Understanding these factors can help individuals make informed choices and maximize their fragrance experience:


  • 1. Fragrance Concentration: Perfumes come in different concentrations, ranging from Eau de Toilette (EDT) with a lower concentration to Parfum (or Extrait de Parfum) with the highest concentration. Generally, the higher the concentration, the longer the fragrance lasts.

  • 2. Skin Type: Your skin's natural characteristics, such as oiliness or dryness, can impact how a perfume adheres and diffuses. Oily skin tends to retain scents longer, while dry skin may require more frequent application.

  • 3. Notes and Ingredients: The choice of fragrance notes and ingredients can influence how a perfume wears. Base notes like musk and amber tend to last longer than top notes like citrus or floral scents.

  • 4. Environmental Conditions: The surrounding environment, including temperature, humidity, and air circulation, affects how a fragrance dissipates. Hot and humid conditions tend to amplify scent, while cooler and drier climates may prolong its longevity.

  • 5. Application Technique: The way you apply perfume matters. Spraying or dabbing on pulse points (wrists, neck, and behind the ears) and on well-moisturized skin can enhance fragrance retention.


Choosing Long-Lasting Perfumes

If you're on a quest for long-lasting scents, selecting the right perfume is essential. Opt for fragrances with higher concentrations like Eau de Parfum or Parfum. These will generally have better staying power. Researching perfume reviews and reading about the notes and ingredients used can also give you insight into a fragrance's longevity.


Fragrance Layering

Another technique to extend the life of your perfume is fragrance layering. This involves using scented products that match your chosen perfume, such as shower gels, lotions, and hair mists. Layering helps create a multi-dimensional, longer-lasting scent experience.


Perfume Storage

Proper storage of your perfumes is vital to maintain their integrity and longevity. Keep them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity, which can degrade the fragrance. Store them in their original packaging or a cool, dark place to preserve their scent.


In conclusion, the obsession with the lasting power of a perfume is a natural extension of our desire to create a sensory experience that lingers in the memory. Whether you're selecting a fragrance with a higher concentration, considering your skin type, or experimenting with fragrance layering, there are numerous ways to ensure that your chosen scent accompanies you throughout the day. Perfume, after all, is not just a fragrance; it's an artful expression of your personality, style, and the memories you create.

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A Perfume Cologne!

That sounds quite amusing when you come across the term perfume cologne because in the perfume business there's nothing like a perfume cologne or cologne perfume. It's simply perfume or it's just cologne.

What's the difference between perfume and cologne?

Technically speaking, the difference between cologne and perfume is just in the numbers. The concentration compound level used in a cologne could be 2% to 4% and that precisely explains the light nature of a cologne and it's weak lasting. But of course, when people buy colognes they know they want some cheap fragrance. The perfume on the other hand has a higher level of perfume compound concentration, around 15% to 24% for a better lasting and a great fragrance experience.

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Women love these perfumes for men

Ladies are instantly attracted to what they think is desirable. Women have a clarity of thought when it comes to a choice. Whether it’s some fancy item or a footwear or a handbag. No doubt women are clever while choosing what they think is a captivating perfume for men.

Most women seem to notice a man’s scent almost immediately. The tempting fragrance of a man’s perfume makes him appear more charismatic and manly from a woman’s point of view. A man wearing an intense perfume can make a woman at once drawn towards him with her head turning impulsively at the trail of that outstanding perfume’s fragrance.

Ask what any woman prefers and she will always vote in approval of a man who is fragrant from head to toe. That’s the power of a perfume. Women are as driven by a man’s scent as the man is by a woman’s scent; like men like women. For women a perfume is always an accessory of charm and appeal.

Here's a list of perfumes that are till date popular with men and women love these on men:

1. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Strangely addictive scent that is feminine and masculine at the same time and you won't stop yourself smelling it. Slightly spicy, a touch of sweetness, and the requisite dry wood vibe make Oud Wood an awesome perfume. Unusual and exotic. The price of a 50ml branded Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume in the international market is around 24,000 INR [source: Nordstrom].

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2. Versace Eros

It's a night-out thing but is reasonably sophisticated. It's sexy and sultry but not promiscous. This perfume can be worn in almost any situation. It's a stellar fragrance that a mature man could wear as well. A youthful and sexy fragrance that gets tons of compliments. Women have been found to love this on men. The price of a 100ml branded Versace Eros perfume in the international market is around 9,200 INR [source: Nordstrom].

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3. Sauvage by Dior

The perfume opens with blast of bergamot and pepper. The initials notes hover around between sweetness, freshness and freshly laundered sheets. It exhibits the effect of cleanliness and you get the impression that this perfume was designed for a modern man, whether he is savage or not. The price of a 50ml branded Dior Sauvage perfume in the international market is around 12,000 INR [source: Nordstrom].

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4. Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford

The two words that come to mind once you have used the Tobacco Oudh Intense, Extreme masculinity!

The fragrance then transcends to a subtle Oud note enveloped by the tobacco which is very mildly sweeter but more on the earthy and spicy character. A hint of nutmeg is combined with the sweetness of tonka which gives a balancing tone to the entire fragrance. Wow, what a marvel of a perfume!

Hold it, it’s not over yet. The dry down treats you with a softer, smoother and darker patchouli towards the end. A woody climax with traces of sandalwood in the finale. The price of a 50ml branded Tobacco Oud perfume in the international market is around 21,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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5. Aventus by Creed

The best opening ever in any scent ever for men. Aventus is the pinnacle of modern, masculine-centric perfumery. It is fruity, yet woody. It is unique green, yet gourmand. It is dry and mossy, yet very wet. It is dark and brooding, yet energizing and positive.

It is dominated by pineapple, apple, and blackcurrant. Within an hour, the fruity introduction gives way to rich birch and rose across a base layer of vanilla and ambergris.

Throughout its duration, Aventus reveals itself in a flurry of dry birch and oakmoss, while ambergris suggests a damp, earthy forest floor.

A timeless masterpiece perfume. 

The price of a 50ml branded Aventus perfume in the international market is around 32,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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6. Invictus by Paco Rabanne

It is sweet and it's a youthful perfume, but it can be worn by both the young and the young at heart.

The initial few minutes of the opening wouldn't impress you if you are an impatient frag lover. But once it settles down, whoa, there you go on a sweet, citrus, woody ride with a touch of bubblegum. Ladies are quite attracted to this scent on a man. The price of a 50ml branded Invictus perfume in the international market is around 9,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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7. Hugo by Hugo Boss

Masculine and a compliment getter. It exudes a strong masculine aura. Very musky and is in your face confident type of fragrance. A delicate yet manly fragrance that is fresh in the beginning and gives a woody / musky dry-down after going off with the heart of spicy leaves and floral notes. It is suitable for everyone and for almost every occasion!

The price of a 50ml branded Hugo by Hugo Boss EDP in the international market is around 7,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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8. Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Nice fresh fragrance, very grassy with a touch of lemon. It begins as a sweet floral scent with a hint of fresh citrus. It dries down to a soft woody scent, but doesn't lose the fresh green signature.

A classic masculine scent with a beastly lasting for those hot days when you want to smell fresh the entire work day. Emanates a calm feeling of confidence and luxury.

The price of a 50ml branded Green Irish Tweed EDP in the international market is around 30,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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9. Bleu de Chanel

A fresh, clean and profoundly sensual perfume, Bleu de Chanel is a top notch perfume. Targeted intently for the elegant and authoritative man, The Bleu de Chanel is a perfume that adds to your charisma.

Not many perfumes for men can give this kind of an immediate boost of confidence like Bleu de Chanel.


The notes that include citrus accord, vetiver, pink pepper, grapefruit, dry cedar notes, labdanum, frankincense, ginger and sandalwood. The price of a 50ml branded Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum in the international market is around 12,000 INR [source: Nordstrom].

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10. Davidoff Cool Water

Cool Water is an extraordinarily easy-to-wear fragrance that is suitable for casual or office use. Cool Water is a wet, fresh, woody fragrance with a light floral note (germanium).

It opens with soft lavender mingling with orange and mint. The rosemary top note - while well documented - is muted. The opening is fairly germanium-forward. This floral note tempers the dry oak moss middle and lends an overall softness and "wetness" to the scent.

Cool Water's dry down is heavy on sandalwood and musk. It is somewhat linear and decidedly more floral.

The price of a 50ml branded Cool Water Edp in the international market is around 3,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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11. CK Eternity

Spicy carnation in a bouquet of lovely florals, a splash of citruses that help freshen up the green notes.

Lily of the valley is bright and clean, and is a great complement to the soft and creamy carnation.

A staple fragrance of the mature lady. A very distinguishable, unique, classic scent with incredible silage. This perfume is for professional ladies and gentleman, not for teenagers. It's crisp!

The price of a 50ml branded CK Eternity Eau de parfum in the international market is around 3,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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12. Montale White Aoud 

Bright and electrifying. The Montale White Aoud perfume is a kind of white-powdery oud based scent, mostly comprising a vanillin-amber accord, sandalwood, nutty nuances and a salty-woody note on the base that imitates a vetiver note and also a clearly detectable patchouli note delivering its signature cocoa earthy feel.

Beautiful blend of all the scents mentioned already. Not one note overpowers the other.

The opening is fairly pungent for the first couple of minutes. The relatively sharp top notes persist for at least about 10-15 minutes. Thereafter the spices and flowers begin to compete for your attention. They emerge gradually, with the combination of saffron and rose taking the center stage for some time. An hour later or even longer, the fragrance settles down to its compelling, smooth, velvety base. The rose is dark and inky – like a metallic, laced with saffron, which makes it slightly salty. No sooner that makes way for the touch of warm amber and the subtle vanilla. Sillage is quite powerful. The lasting is long on fabric as well as skin. 

The price of a 100ml branded Montale White Aoud by Montale Eau de Parfum the international market is around 12,000 INR [source: Walmart].

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13. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille EDP

"A modern take on an old world men's club. A smooth Oriental, TOBACCO VANILLE opens immediately with opulent essences of Tobacco Leaf and aromatic spice notes. The heart unfolds with creamy Tonka Bean, Tobacco Flower, Vanilla and Cocoa, and finishes with A Dry Fruit Accord, enriched with Sweet Wood Sap."




A simple yet complex taste of Heaven is more appropriate


Opening: Spicy, tobacco leaf, and kind of a wine like smell, somewhat dried sweet fruity smell. You can tell there's vanilla but it doesn't exactly take the main stage till the top notes evaporate.


Heart: Beauty in its sweetest form. The vanilla and cocoa push aside the spices and take the forefront. The spices remain in the background adding a pleasant twist making the waves linear. The cocoa adds a gourmand-vibe to the heart when combined with the vanilla.


Base: The dry down shows a revival of the dried fruit smell in the opening, but it has a sweetness backing it up. The sweetness is part vanilla.


Longevity/Projection: A beastly lasting of more than 12 hours on the fabric (depending upon conditions). A masterpiece fragrance in performance.


Overall Impression: If you're a classy person or looking for a formal scent, here you go. It's pretty sweet though, so you've got to have a bit of a sweet tooth. Absolutely kicks the crap out of any old classy scent. This perfume can make a dress shirt and tie seem like a suit. This makes a tuxedo seem like you stole it from Harrods. You will never smell anything like this that screams "Gentleman!!!" This is the essence of elegance.


A branded version of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille could cost anywhere around ₹19,000 but a clone perfume of Tobacco vanille would cost around ₹800 with strikingly similar notes and a monstrous lasting.



Tobacco Vanilla EDP Intense 

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From the author: "I do not claim to be an authority on this subject. The knowledge that I share here is based on interactions, reading and a first hand experience of the perfume industry. So do not take my writeups as the final word. There are miles to cover on perfumery and it may not be possible in this lifetime, but the passion for fragrances refuses to die."

~ Saka ~

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