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Narciso Rodriguez for Her Narciso Rodriguez (2003)

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Narciso Rodriguez (2003)

Really, really interesting concoction, men can try it anytime and of course their girlfriends or wives have the first right on this perfume.

First of all this is different, really different from the modern gassy-plastic, lollipop kind, new womanly concoctions around. The smell is neither gourmand nor caramel kind or powdery -synthetic in anyway. But, it is an averagely sharp, musky and a bit balmy fragrance with a touch of classic exoticism and an outstanding floral discreet sophistication.

This is a modern perfume that expresses a traditional, independent and a solitary concept of femininity. The scent is musky and rosy with key roles played by orange blossoms, bergamot and amber.

The mystery is enhanced by a silent jasmine while the extreme sophistication is exhibited by the iris. The smell gives a feel of honey somewhere beneath the layers making it sensual, almost corporeal, intimate and ethereal, a rare quality.

Something laundry and soapy, may be the combination of rose, iris and musk, sparkles in the air exuding from the complicated wake of orangy, rosey and ambery musk, sandalwood and osmanthus. The femininity is intimate and a bit mysterious. A touch of vanilla and patchouli imprints more depth and silence. You will end up figuring the image of a young, discreet girl in the shadow that keeps evoking your interest.

The branded version of Narciso Rodriguez for Her would cost anywhere around ₹10,000 however a clone perfume with strikingly similar notes and equally good lasting would cost around ₹700. It will never fail you.

Notes strikingly similar to Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez © found in it.

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