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Apple Brandy by Killian Perfumes

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The rich, deep aroma of a craftsman-made brandy cask filled with apples, steeped in incense. Apple Brandy by Killian Perfumes is a warm, dense, extremely comforting and enveloping fragrance. Boozy red apple with granular brown-sugar added, accentuating the sweet side and bringing in a unique "texture". Then it's put to rest for a long time, aging in a big, thick and old oak barrel as the woodsy note is very preeminent as well here.

This is really one of those realistic, occasional fragrances for a particular moment or mood. With the red, orange and yellow leaves on the ground and the calm yet gloomy aspect of autumn on full display, Killian’s Apple Brandy shines so bright and is almost as efficient as a red and black plaid comforter.

Apple Brandy is... Yummy! By contrast to Single Malt by Killian, the Apple Brandy is playful, casual, and more gourmand. It is less serious in tone, and a little boozier. In the opening and mid, Apple Brandy seems unisex. In the dry down however, takes a turn for the masculine.

A beautiful, sweet, sensual fragrance. Masterful blending. Juicy apple with an amazingly authentic brandy accord.

An ideal perfume for moderate and cooler days or during times when you are indoors with the air-conditioner, it will work wonders on your senses.

Perfume Profile:

· Scent – benzoin, oak & vanilla.

· Season/Time of Day – A special occasion fragrance, preferably during colder months, days, nights or for a date indoors with lower temperatures.

· Projection – Half a yard wide indoors, lesser outdoors.

· Longevity – 7 to 8 hrs appr.

The price of a branded Apple Brandy by Killian Perfumes is appr. 20,000 INR. [source: Sephora]. The inspired version is available for around 999 INR.

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