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  • How are the perfume oils made exactly similar to the designer/niche/oriental fragrances?
    The analytical process of Gas chromatography mass spectrometry is implemented to identify and achieve the exact notes.
  • How about the quality of fragrances?
    These are pure perfume oils without any additives in them. Our patrons have been honest enough to give the best reviews to our fragrances. You are free to judge our perfumes by ordering a the sample tester box from us.
  • Are you selling first copies?
    Legally speaking there is nothing like a copyright or patent for a fragrance. Anyone can make a perfume and market it. There are many known and reputed retailers that claim to be selling an XYZ Perfume for a rip-off amount. However, when you take a closer look you will identify the scent matching with a popular brand's perfume. Furthermore, we do not sell copies but fragrances that resemble the actual perfume which has no copyright except the brand name.
  • Why should I buy perfumes/perfume-oils from
    The reasons to buy your perfumes/perfume-oils from are absolute similar notes, premium quality, skin-friendly, a wide range of perfumes to choose from, updated stocks, and the most compelling reason would be the money saving deal for you.
  • Are you connected with another company of the same name in Europe?
    No we are not. We are not connected with any company of the same name anywhere in the world. We are Perfume Parlour India, based in Mumbai, India.
  • Do you sell European perfumes?
    We sell indigenously made perfumes inspired from European, Arabian and other fragrances. But, we take pride in the quality of our perfumes for the reason that we supply these very fragrances around the globe. And, legally, no fragrance can ever be copyrighted.
  • How to Apply Perfumes?
    Here are some quick tips for applying perfume effectively: Choose pulse points: Apply on wrists, neck, behind ears, and inner elbows. Avoid rubbing: Don't rub wrists together; it breaks down the scent. Spray from distance: Hold 5-7 inches away from skin for a light mist. Layering: Use scented products before applying perfume for longer-lasting fragrance. Hair mist: Spray on hairbrush and run through hair for a subtle scent. Reapply sparingly: Over-application can be overwhelming. Test before buying: Try on skin to see how it reacts. Store properly: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Consider occasion: Lighter scents for daytime, stronger for evenings.
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