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About Perfume Parlour India

Welcome to Perfume Parlour India

With an experience of more than 10 years in the perfume industry, we branched out to cater the niche & designer line of fragrances for perfume users in India. India has always been a land of essences and aromas and fragrances and the love for perfumes is nothing new to Indians. Precisely, that's the reason Perfume Parlour India decided to sell its exclusive fragrances in the retail Indian perfume market.


Perfume Parlour India, with its office and physical shop located in New Mumbai, India offers a wide genre of perfumes that includes the choicest of designer perfumes, the most exclusive oriental perfumes, and the rarest of rare niche perfumes. When we say we are the best in perfumes, we mean it. And for you to believe it, you must try it!


The Concept of Perfume Parlour India is simple; snipping off a few overheads like branding and fancy perfume packaging and passing on the monetary benefit to the perfume loving customer. A simple heads-up on how the perfume business works, is covered in one of our blogs. After exploring hundreds of expensive perfumes, what we have identified is; the perfume packaging is relatively more expensive than the actual juice in the perfume bottle. An XYZ perfume ends up costing thousands and thousands of rupees but the actual price of the perfume in the bottle is a few hundred rupees. That's where we at Perfume Parlour India decided to keep it simple. A decent & simple perfume packaging but with a high quality fragrance that actually stays on the fabric for many many number of hours. 

Even our cheapest perfumes are top quality products that give the perfume buyer a 'Paisa Vasool' kind of experience. And when we say cheap perfumes, it's the just the price we are referring to.

All we would urge you is to just try one of our perfumes at Perfume Parlour India and we bet you will proudly wear it without having to feel let down with a watered down perfume.

Please note: We do not have any tie-ups with any company with a similar name from anywhere in the world. Perfume Parlour India is an individual entity with a team of indigenous perfumers.

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