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Aventus Creed (2010)

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Aventus Creed (2010)

Beautiful smoky pineapple and woods... Men simply love it. Try it in summer and it will impress you every time you wear it. A really great choice for hot weather but can also be worn on other occasions across the year. So Aventus was inspired by the life and legacy of Napoléon Bonaparte, using some of the ingredients associated with his memory. Pineapple, his favourite food. Birch wood bark, from Louisiana (ruled by France at that time in history). Blackcurrant from Corsica, his place of birth... and finally Ambergris from the ocean, representing his navy. It's a lovely smelling fragrance, mostly unique because of the Pineapple note, which is rarely found in many other fragrances (it smells like a ripe, juicy Pineapple being freshly cut open with a knife). One can also detect Rose, a little Patchouli, and a tiny hint of Jasmine. It's all about the fresh, juicy Pineapple and smoky wood. The Ambergris base is just awesome, which is musky and salty at the same time. It smells like eating Pineapple by a campfire with something salty. It's a strange combination but it somehow works. One cannot call it a really unique fragrance, but it was instantly accepted by the masses around the world. People consider it as an all occasion perfume which is safe. It's not uniquely unique perfume but definitely a different perfume that can be worn anywhere anytime. Men and women, both find it a pleasing perfume. The bottom-line is this perfume is worth your money.

A branded version of Aventus Creed would cost anywhere ₹40,000 in the international market whereas a perfume clone of Aventus would cost around ₹900 in India with a great lasting and strikingly similar notes.


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