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Grey Vetiver - The king of Niche Vetiver Perfumes

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Classic, professional and a clean fragrance! Undoubtedly the king of spring scents for official or formal moments!

There is nothing better than this fragrance on “just out of the shower” skin. When it heats up on your skin it becomes so cozy. Definitely a unisex scent.

It's smoky due to the citrusy grapefruit at the top, creamy, velvety, earthy vetiver combined with orris, sage, nutmeg, pimento (that elevates the smoky aspects), amberwoods, wooded oakmoss that awakens the most mysterious and recondite places of the inner soul. It's a lovely journey for the senses. The notes lead the senses in all directions.

Top Notes: vetiver, orange flower, grapefruit

Heart Notes: aromatic sage, orris, nutmeg, pimento

Base Notes: amber, woods, oakmoss

It smells like Earth, it’s clean yet dark at the same time, it’s polite yet provocative, it’s versatile, any occasion at any season, it warms up like a second skin, and finally, last but not least, it smells like fresh love.

Grey Vetiver is essentially a fresh perfume with green and citrus accords, characterized by its lightness and elegance. Nuances of grapefruit and neroli can be detected along with sage. It is also fairly spicy with hints of nutmeg and paprika. The background is woody, herbaceous and just a bit earthy throughout the development.

If a perfume is ever on a mission of being easy to wear while pleasing whoever that comes around. then the Grey Vetiver has achieved that goal. It does not arouse mad passions and a desire to applaud if you pass by wearing it, but the passerby would definitely revel in the moment.

Very few perfumes have the distinction to be worn all year round and the Grey Vetiver should be at the top. An elegant perfume that adds elegance to your personality.

Definitely not a blind buy for people who want to smell fresh and clean all day.

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