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Perfume Clones India

Updated: Jun 28

What are 'Clone Perfumes'?

A very interesting question with a very simple response. Clone perfumes are ideally fragrances inspired by popular and best selling perfumes. It's not the branding or packaging that is mimicked but the fragrance notes. A clone perfume has strikingly similar notes to a branded perfume minus the brand name or packaging.

The need for a clone perfume in India (and around the world) was felt when it was realized not all perfume lovers have deep pockets to afford a branded perfume that could cost someone a month's salary. A very good example would be the famous perfume, Aventus by Creed © which could cost anywhere around ₹24,000 in India. Now to buy such a perfume, a middle or a lower middle income group fragrance lover might think not twice but at least a dozen times for the impact it would have on the monthly budget. This is where a clone perfume cuts the ice.

A perfume clone with the exact fragrance notes can be bought at 1/10th of the cost of a branded perfume or maybe lesser than that. Now that's called a win-win kind of situation for the perfume loving masses. After all who doesn't love affordable perfumes that are rich in quality with ditto notes leaving the frag lover pleased and satisfied.

Nonetheless, there's a catch to clone perfumes in India or anywhere around the world. Not often the clone perfumes are exact replicas of the branded fragrances as very few companies are able to achieve that matching effect. At times, the top notes slip out of the range or you may find the base or heart notes misplaced. It is therefore necessary to go with a trusted clone perfume seller when it comes to clone fragrances.


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