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Pure Seduction by Victoria's Secret

Yes! It's no secret that women by and large love this perfume. Tagged as a date perfume, it's a combination of melon, plum and freesia that makes you feel utterly irresistible and seductive.

Women often working in sweaty conditions have described the pure seduction perfume as a body odor mask. On a hot and humid day when many perfumes fail, the Pure Seduction keeps the sweaty stink at bay. Compliments are kind of bonus. So that's two birds with a shot. 😉

A linear fragrance that is more of a fruity than floral, it opens with a rich sweet orange blast combined with a casaba melon accord. The plum and the freesia form the heart and base of this truly seductive fragrance. It's been 12 years since its launch, and the charm refuses to fade. It has become a kind of signature scent and continues to be one for teenage girls who have turned into women and are still nostalgic about it.

It's not a groundbreaking scent, it's not unique, but it smells like good times and youth. Your first kiss, prom, sleepovers with your best friend, summer break by the pool, a break at your locker to touch up your makeup and reapply your fragrance... good memories.

The Pure Seduction EDT has been discontinued by Victoria's Secret from it's production line. However the alternative is still around, equally seductive!

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