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Tuscan Leather Tom Ford (2007)

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Tuscan Leather Tom Ford (2007)

What an addictive perfume! If you've ever wanted to stand out as classy, sophisticated and sensual, so much so that everyone around you is intrigued by your presence, then TUSCAN LEATHER TOM FORD would be your perfume of choice.

This wonderful perfume appears to be superimposed with a muted nectarous and fruity cluster of raspberries. Reveling herbs, namely saffron and thyme, push this fruitiness aside, and infuse the leather with their own sweet and peppery as well as lemony and woody aspects. A faint floral sweetness from jasmine begs to be recognized, but succumbs to the nascent, citrus and pine of olibanum. This rich frankincense rises to tug at the supple leather while a terpene note can be sensed. A sharp woodiness from the amber tries to make its way to highlight itself. But the subtle leather layered with the raspberry keeps basking in its elegance. Albeit somewhat linear, this appealing perfume has a good longevity and projection.

Deep warm leather with a bracing tannic note to temper the sweetness. Smells like the wallet of a wealthy well-groomed man.

Tuscan Leather, ladies and gentlemen, is a fragrance that can associated with the kind of leather products we buy in high-end stores. Very masculine, sensual, elegant. It oozes confidence and smells so special.

A branded version of the Tuscan Leather Tom Ford ends up costing anywhere around ₹12,000 in the international market. The clone version of Tuscan Leather with strikingly similar notes and an equally great lasting would cost ₹800.

Powerful, very distinctive masculine fragrance with a bittersweet raspberry effect. Smells like a fine Italian leather jacket. The raspberry in the background makes it fascinating.


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